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Estate Planning and Estate Administration



Unexpectedly committed suicide without a will, meaning that in the eyes of the law she passed away intestate. As a result, there was no Personal Representative for the Estate of Grace, and no document that would delegate who the beneficiaries of estate funds, property, and personal belongings are. This complicates the estate administration process.  




As with all estate administration matters, a personal representative must be appointed to administer property in the estate. We assisted Joe with qualifying for the position of personal representative in the decedent’s estate. Also, in all estate matters, the Register of Wills in Maryland requires information and inventory reports to be filed so that all of the decedent’s funds, accounts, and property are accounted for. In doing this, our office had to contact Grace’s banks, insurance companies, vehicle and property appraisers, and retirement account companies. It was also important and required by the Register of Wills that all persons who may be interested in the decedent’s estate be contacted regarding the estate administration process that was happening. After no opposition from possible interested parties, the estate administration process went smoothly and Joe was paid personal representative’s reimbursement. Lastly, the estate was wrapped up and all funds were distributed to the appropriate people.